School of Management Studies and Research

The course deals with advanced part of Financial Management. The content deals with financial aspects which are utilized in long term activities of the business.

The elective course is designed with intended outcomes

Interpret the role of services with an emphasize on Indian economy

explore the technology used in services

analyze the gap in services

interpret demand and supply in services

discuss the importance of CRM in services

compare various IT enabled services

The course deals with entrepreneurship in the context of social ecosystem. The course has 3 modules.

An Introductory Course on Climate Change and Sustainability, The objective of the course is to: Explain the impact of the climate change on India, examine the UN Framework Convention on climate change 3) explain the role of India in international climate negotiations 4) Analyze the political and corporate view point towards sustainability and 5) explain the sectorial view towards climate change and development

•Course overview

      Over the last decade, the retailing industry in India has grown significantly. More recently, over the few years, we have witnessed the launch of large number of formats by leading retailers- covering both, broad spectrum of merchandise categories as well as specialty or single category stores. Not only have domestic players grown significantly, the Indian consumer market has evinced interest from the most of large international retailers, including Wal-Mart, Metro, Tesco- who are coming and establishing their retail chains within the confines of existing Indian policy and frameworks. With increased nuclear family and economic prosperity of Indian consumers, we have witnessed lot of job opportunity for the students in the Retail sector for the career. 

Sales Management is marketing specialization course for IV term students.